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Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
on the cost of hurricane sandy. fitch ratings says the super storm has so far caused as much as $17 billion in reported losses. by the time the recovery is over, fitch expects sandy's cost to top $20 billion. new jersey is one of the states hit hardest, and, today, governor chris christie talked about the storm's toll on his state's economy. >> there's no question that sandy hit us hard. there's also no question that we're fighting back with everything we've got. sandy took a toll on new jersey's economy just when we were coming back from a national recession. sandy disrupted our economic life. cars weren't bought, homes weren't sold and factories couldn't produce. from those things, we can catch up, and we are catching up. make no mistake-- as common sense would tell you, sandy hurt new jersey's economy. >> susie: christie today pledged to devote the final year of his first term in office to rebuilding and reinvigorating areas of the state devastated by hurricane sandy. >> tom: as the drama over the fiscal cliff played out in washington, car racing may have been the last thing you
Jan 4, 2013 3:00pm PST
that was due to reconstruction from hurricane sandy. other bright spots were health care, which added another 55,000 workers; restaurants and bars, which gained 38,000 more employees; and manufacturing, with 25,000 new positions. alan krueger is chairman of the president's council of economic advisors. >> i think we're seeing the job market continuing to heal. the economy's continuing to heal from the very deep damage that was caused by the financial crisis. >> brown: even so, there were also indications of continued sluggishness in december. the unemployment rate was 7.8%. that's up a tenth from the initial reading in november, which was revised upward today. and the number of unemployed rose 164,000 to 12.2 million. that number rises to nearly 23 million once part-time workers and those who've given up looking for work are added in. most economists expect modest growth but little overall improvement this year, as the pace of job growth remains too low to make much of a dent in the unemployment rate. we get an economic snapshot of different regions of the country from three public br
Jan 4, 2013 8:00pm PST
something today and are going to do a bizarre two-step process january 18 with sandy aid and then an amendment that is even bigger than the bill itself and try to pass one of those and send it be to the senate where it is entirely uncertain what is going to happen there. gwen: and the deal closer in this was joe biden? >> yeah. he was on the sidelines to is it -- some extent for a while. he wasn't out front the way he had been. part of that, of course, is because this was seen as being a house deal and biden is a senate guy. come the end of boehner and it goes to the senate, mcconnell spends three or four minutes deciding he can't talk with harry reid and picks up the phone and says joe, is there anybody over there that can cut a deal? this remarkable series of 13, 14, 15 phone caults over the next 24 hours in which these go lions, long-standing members of the washington establishment cut through all the sturm und drang and come up with this deal. suddenly biden is the center of the action again. the head of the gun control quick review task force. and as you said, there is nobody ha
Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
: specifically, businesses felt after effects from hurricane sandy, and they were unwilling to spend with all the fiscal cliff uncertainty. on top of that, demand from europe as well as china was weak. but, here's the good news. a low earnings hurdle ultimately makes it's easier for companies to impress investors. and, s&p's sam stovall says they could get a little help from lower expenses. >> the things that might end up acting as tailwinds i think could be a near 8% decline in the cost of oil and also the reduction in the commodity costs. >> reporter: digging into the q4 numbers, six out of 10 sectors are expected to post a gain in profits, with financials and consumer discretionary stocks topping the list. on the other hand, the industrials sector has the weakest anticipated growth. still, anticipation of an anemic earnings season has yet to trouble the stock market. don't forget the s&p 500 hit a five-year high on friday. >> i think all of this has to do with anticipation. that things are expected to get better. that there is a muted v-shaped recovery anticipated for global g.d.p. and
Jan 4, 2013 1:00am PST
superstorm sandy. house speaker john boehner nixed the vote in the last hours of 2012, drawing a firestorm of criticism. it comes up in the house in two parts- the first tomorrow, and the other mid-january. >> the next act will begin a couple of months from now, probably in late february, early march, when we hit the debt ceiling and when the automatic spending cuts come into play again, and either have to be replaced with other spending cuts, or again, kicked down the road. >> reporter: these are the same issues that snarled congress in the summer of 2011, and again during the fiscal cliff debate. there's little hope for a better outcome this year. president obama has promised not to negotiate with the new congress on raising the debt ceiling, but republicans are ready to use it to force major federal spending reforms and tame the national debt. right now, the u.s. owes $16 trillion, but some calculate our total liabilities much higher. and as congress jumps from small deal to small deal as they have been, analysts worry big problems are just getting bigger. >> $60 trillion is a conservative
Jan 5, 2013 1:00am PST
. >> susie: some relief from congress is finally on its way for victims of super-storm sandy. lawmakers approved today $9.7- billion of disaster aid, after harsh criticism of house leaders for delaying the funding. ruben ramirez has details. >> reporter: the political wrangling was contentious over federal funds to aid home and business owners flooded by superstorm sandy. the final vote in the house: 354 to 67 with all 67 of the no votes coming from republicans. the money will go toward the national flood insurance program which is set to run out of money this monday. it will help the agency pay about 115,000 pending claims. a big complaint: the amount of time it took congress to act. it took just 12 days after hurricane ike and only ten days after hurricane katrina hit for federal aid to be approved. the remaining $51 billion states have requested will likely come up for a vote on january 15. here in new york more than 250,000 businesses were affected by the storm. some of those are here in the financial district on manhattan's southern tip, at least a dozen office towers ar
Jan 5, 2013 12:00am PST
night when because of hurricane sandy we couldn't-- we couldn't ask people to come in here as audiences, i kind of got excited about that. >> rose: that's great. you got excited about the fact. and you went out and said there's no audience. >> i wanted to see what that was like. and then we did it two nights. that was good. to do it one night would have been no good because then the second night i knew what to expect. and then okay, so we did that. so i-- i look forward to that. i mean i'm sorry for the circumstances, obviously. >> but it was a new challenge. >> uh-huh. >> there is the sense that for a while you were a loner. >> a loner. >> a drifter. a man wanted in several states. >> rose: that's right. a man who would get in his porsche and drive up there at speeds beyond light. >> yeah. >> rose: but also -- >> a-- syke path. multiple personalities. >> rose: i man who had obsessions of owning lat lots of land in montana and snt barts. >> collected jars of his own urine. >> rose: i thank you, it's a pleasure. >> well, thank you. honestly, i'm so grateful. and i just want to say, in th
Jan 8, 2013 3:00pm PST
children and six adults died at sandy hook elementary school. >> it brought back a lot of memories about what that was like for us some two years ago today. and you hope that that -- this kind of thing doesn't happen again. you know what? it does happen again. >> woodruff: and gabrielle giffords made her own one-word appeal. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> woodruff: kelly and giffords also announced in "u.s.a. today" that they're launching a political action committee-- americans for responsible solutions. they said they will raise the funds necessary to balance the influence of the gun lobby and will line up squarely behind leaders who will stand up for what's right. to date, the pair complained, congress has done nothing at all despite the string of mass killings. but since newtown, president obama has commissioned vice president biden and an administration task force to find a way forward. biden is meeting this week with various groups, including a representative of the national rifle association. presidential spokesman jay car
Jan 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
criticism for delaying a vote on hurricane sandy funding. boehner grew emotional as he addressed the chamber today. >> if you have come here humbled by the opportunity to serve; if you have come here to be the determined voice of the people; if you have come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded not just by our constituents but by the times, then you have come to the right place. >> woodruff: today, he won another two-year term as speaker with 220 votes. a dozen republicans either voted against him, voted present, or abstained. with the voting over, the speaker swore in the new house. >> congratulations, you are now members of the 113th congress! >> woodruff: one of the first orders of business will come tomorrow, a vote on the first installment of sandy aid. then, there's a full plate of challenges left by the last congress. within the next two months, the lawmakers will again face the prospect of automatic spending cuts and the need to raise the nation's debt ceiling. >> brown: still to come on the "newshour" tonight: weighing the fiscal cliff deal; charges in the india
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)